Esta was born on 16th September 2007 out of Guidewell Trudy and Guidewell Marlow (Aussie).

She was puppy walked in Scotland by Angus & Eleanore Adams who are very experienced German Shepherd Breeders and Trainers and they so loved Esta that they used her Sire (Aussie) on their own bitch Tarka, which produced Reiver, the Sire for Esta’s first litter. So Esta was brought up in a multi dog household and made close friends with Phoebe the French Bulldog, who appears in every picture with Esta!

Esta came to us in November 2008 when she was 15 months old. We had been to the kennels at Tollgate to meet her a few times and my husband fell in love with her straight away. We had a bit of a shaky start the weekend she arrived, as for some reason Esta kept barking at me. I had decided I would just let her be, so that she could get used to her new surroundings, but Esta had other plans. It was not until I started to make a fuss of her and she had had a few cuddles that she stopped barking. So she trained me to stroke her from day one!

Esta went through all the usual ‘teenage’ behaviours from chasing birds to barking at other dogs and if anybody dare look into the car. But she very soon stopped all that, as Esta only wants to please, so if she knows you are not happy about her behaviour, she stops doing it. She is one of these wonderful dogs that make any trainer look good as she is so obedient.

As well as affectionate Esta is extremely intelligent and she notices everything. She is very aware of her surroundings and where most of my Shepherds have held their nose to the ground, Esta carries her head up most of the time and watches the squirrels and birds in our trees. She comes on training sessions with Copper, my Cocker Spaniel and has learned to look for birds. Whilst I have been training Copper to ignore the birds, Esta has learned where they are hiding and flushes them out gently with her nose and watches them take off. We meet lots of deer in the woods and whereas at one time she would have chased them, she will now watch them run away from us.

Because Copper is deaf Esta has learned to go and find him for me if he ever does a ‘runner’. Last summer she flushed him out of a large wheat field and brought him back to me. She has also flushed him out of our woods and the paddock and she always seems to know where he is.

Esta is a fantastic mother and loves her pups and she seems to know just how much time to spend with them as they get older. She loves to sleep with them and when outside their pen she keeps an eye on them. She is protective but never to the extend that she is aggressive towards strangers. She always welcomes any visitors and allows them to handle her pups.

We feel extremely lucky to be able to foster such a lovely Brood Bitch and to be able to enjoy the litters with her. And of course we learn something new with each litter (see 'My Notes').

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