This website had been designed for the Puppy Walkers, Trainers and Owners of Esta’s puppies, to show pictures and give updates of their progress as well as for keeping in touch and finding out what the rest of the family are up to.

It is NOT the formal website of the Guide Dogs which can be found here, nor will you find any puppies for sale on this site. All of Esta’s pups will be puppy walked for around 12 months and trained by the Guide Dogs to become Service Dogs.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Puppy Walker or indeed a Brood Bitch Holder like me, or if you are looking to Sponsor a Guide Dog Puppy, please visit the above mentioned site as it is full of interesting information.

I first became interested in fostering a Brood Bitch, when I met a very nice couple with a 15 months old Labrador Bitch, which was very boisterous and they wanted some help training her and I learned that this was their 3rd Guide Dog Brood Bitch. I decided to make enquiries about fostering a German Shepherd Brood Bitch, as I had been wondering where to get my next GSD from. I have always had German Shepherds and trained them for a sport called Working Trials, which involves Tracking & Agility, but I was looking to do something different with my next one and this seemed like a nice idea and I would be doing something for a charity that I have long admired. In fact I had always wanted to become a Guide Dog Trainer, but when I applied for this many years ago, I was told that I had to ‘live in’, which was not possible as I was already married. This of course is no longer the case as all Guide Dog Trainers now commute to work.

After the initial home visits and assessments I was told that it could be quite a long wait, as there were not many German Shepherds in the Breeding Scheme at the time, but I did not mind as I had just taken on a deaf Cocker Spaniel, who required a lot of training, so it gave me time to get some control over him before any new arrival. I waited 2 years before I was offered Esta and she was well worth the wait. She has been my most obedient and intelligent Shepherd to date and that is with very little training! She is very creative, a problem solver and very aware of her surroundings. She is no doubt a product of very selective and good breeding and I hope her pups will turn out the same. Read more about Esta here.

If you have any stories and/or pictures relating to Esta’s pups, please email them to me at

If you are interested in becoming a Brood Bitch Holder or a Puppy Walker or if you would like to sponsor a Guide Dog Puppy,
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